TPC ALED39N Advanced LED-39 Corded Curing Light, 3 Working Mode

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The TCP ALED39N Corded curing light offers an economical curing solution. The system has three working modes (fast, pulse and step) and comes with a user manual, eye protectors, 8mm light guide, power supply and stand.


LED color Working Mode
Green Fast curing: Time setting 20 seconds (every 10 second, it sounds once)
Red Pulse curing: interrupt radiating (every 10 seconds, it sounds once)
Orange Step curing: soft start for 10 second from 0 to full power, then full power during the later 10 second


  • LED 39 Handpiece
  • Stand
  • 8mm Light Guide
  • Eye protector
  • Power Supply
  • User Manual