DentalMachines KN95 Mask, Single Pack

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This mask should not be confused with the N95 mask. KN95 is a different standard than N95. These masks do offer a good level of protection, filtering 95% of particulate.  This particular listing will give you one mask and is intended for those folks who need a mask only on special occasions. The mask should be worn for 2 days maximum.

As with all masks this mask does not make you invincible. Transmission is still possible even with the mask installed correctly. These and all masks are intended to limit spray from coughing and sneezing and thereby help protect those around you. Please see the CDC guidelines on for additional methods to limit transmission.

  • Single mask intended for those who need a mask for occasional use
  • KN95 standard not the same as N95
  • Made from premium material
  • Instructions and disposal bag included
  • 95 Percent filtration
  • Form fitting design
  • Lightweight
  • Fits in pocket