Beyond II Severe Stain Teeth Whitening Treatment for One Customer

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Please note this product has been discontinued and is out of stock. Please use the Beyond Blast Pre-Treatment Kit  (search for BY-BW101) as a replacement. Call us if you have questions.

Extra-Strength Pre-Treatment Whitening Paste and Post-Treatment Fluoride for Improved Oral Health BEYOND’s original, and most popular kit, the BEYOND II Complete™ kit contains everything needed for the treatment of the most difficult cases. Formulated to effectively reduce the appearance (tetra equals four cycline") stains (for some reason the most popular term for these stains is not allowed online, call if you have questions) and severe stains, including fluorosis and age-related cases. Contains Blast™ extra-strength pre-treatment whitening paste, one 3.5ml dual-barrel syringe of BEYOND™ II 35% H2O2 whitening gel, BlueSeal™ gingival protection gel, cheek retractor, suction tip, VITA Bleachedguide 3D-MASTER® paperguide, multilingual instruction manual, face protection cloth, preparatory gauze and cotton rolls, lip protection cream, and mixing and dispensing tips.  


BEYOND professional dental products are engineered exclusively by  BEYOND™ Dental & Health – a global leader in the manufacture and sale of aesthetic dental equipment. BEYOND brand products have been proven safe and effective in numerous clinical trials and product reviews around the world. BEYOND™ Whitening System owners receive a comprehensive three-year warranty and complimentary product training and support. 


  • Formulated to effectively reduce the appearance of tetracycline and severe stains
  • Advanced formula whitening gel
  • Includes patient preparation materials
  • Extra-strength pre-treatment whitening paste and post-treatment fluoride for improved oral health